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.post is the UPU’s sponsored top-level domain for the postal sector. The domain’s technical infrastructure became a reality in 2012, and member countries and their designated operators can now register for their domains and explore the possibilities of .post.

Some Posts have plans to use .post to stimulate cross-border e-commerce and hybrid mail, for example.

More than 70 per cent of the world's Posts say that electronic services are strategically important to their business, according to UPU research. This finding provides impetus to the goal of developing the .post (dotpost) platform, and the 2012 Universal Postal Congress decided that work should continue in this regard.

The platform’s goal is to interconnect current and future electronic postal services and make them interoperable in a secure and trusted environment. It will authenticate postal service providers and strengthen the postal brand globally.

.post intends to link the physical and digital worlds, creating a secure platform that enables postal e-services to be delivered to all citizens and businesses.

Applications, such as identity management, e-shops, e-payments, e-forms, secure postal mailboxes, address management, hybrid mail and advertising mail, would have a home on this future platform.

In 2009, the Universal Postal Union became the first United Nations agency to be granted a sponsored top-level domain for the postal sector.


What the UPU is trying to achieve through .post is not different to what happened when the organization was created in 1874. At that time, 22 countries with their own postal infrastructure, services and bilateral agreements came together to create the UPU and a single physical postal territory that interconnected them.


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