October 2014: Second anniversary of .post launch. Brazil and Spain join .post Group (DPG), as well as GMC Software, bringing number to 44 members.

October 2014: Correo Uruguayo opens first .post philately web shop, jointly supported by DPG and the World Association for the Development of Philately (WADP).

September 2014: UPU opens public consultation on secure e-mail under .post.

July 2014: UPU establishes comprehensive security monitoring of .post TLD to protect against spam, malware and phishing – reinforcing .post as the secure and trusted space for postal services.

June 2014: First domain registration from Latin America; .post domains now operating in all regions of the world.

May 2014: International Hybrid Mail Coalition launches study on the development of an  international system of hybrid mail in the .post secure platform.

April 2014: .post Group celebrates first anniversary; 41 members in total, a growth of 13 in one year.

February 2014: South African Post Office launches EMS .post website.

December 2013: Russia becomes first CIS country to join .post Group.

November 2013: PostNL launches new International T&T service on, focusing on consumers and small businesses.

November 2013: Pos Indonesia launches first EMS country domain name under .post:

October 2013: Macau Post launches for secure electronic postal services.

October 2013: UPU adopts new Guidelines for Associate Members to encourage private sector to contribute to .post activities; .post Group welcomes Latin American Association of Private Posts and Postal Operators (ALACOPP) and International Hybrid Mail Coalition (IHMC) as new Associate members.

June 2013: South Africa and Macau register first .post domains in African and Asian regions respectively.

April 2013: .post group (DPG) holds first meeting at UPU headquarters; 30 countries and Cisco Systems become inaugural members steering the direction of the .post project.

December 2012: Morocco registers first .post domain name in Arab region.

October 2012: UPU launches Global Trace & Trace, an application that enables Posts worldwide to provide their customers with tracking information about their items.

8 October 2012: .post officially launched at Doha Postal Congress.

September 2012: Poste Italiane registers first European domain name.

August 2012: .post enters the root of the internet.

June 2012: Afilias, a global provider of internet infrastructure services, is chosen as the .post registry operator.

March 2012: Poste Italiane makes a donation of 500,000 EUR to get .post up and running in 2012.

December 2011: UPU research reveals 70 per cent of Posts consider e-services to be strategically important to their business.

September 2011: Tender launched for first .post pilot project, its subject international registered electronic mail.

July 2011: A team of experts from Poste Italiane are seconded to the UPU to work on making the platform a reality.

June 2011: The UPU and the International Post Corporation – an industry association – agree to work closer together on .post with the former invited to participate in the latter’s technical groups.

May 2011: The UPU’s Postal Operations Council gives the green light to develop the first .post pilot project on international postal registered electronic mail.

2010: The UPU member countries approve a legal framework and domain-management policy for the operation of .post.

December 2009: Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, better known as ICANN, grants its first ever top-level domain - .post - to an international organization, the UPU.