Registered mail gets a boost

A customer signs digitally to confirm receipt (Photo: LibanPost)

A project financed by the UPU's Quality of Service Fund (QSF) has led to registered mail items being digitally registered in Lebanon.

In the past, the delivery of such mail was recorded by hand in a register. This prevented the Post from monitoring delivery times and respecting delivery standards.

Nearly 400,000 USD from the QSF led to the purchase of 260 personal digital assistants (PDAs) for letter carriers. Staff now use them to optimize delivery of registered items in accordance with international standards.

Quality of service at LibanPost improved dramatically as soon as mail carriers started using the PDAs. Some 97 per cent of registered mail is now delivered in two business days in the capital, Beirut, while 95 per cent is delivered in three or four business days in the rest of the country.

Each year, LibanPost processes 13 million mail items on average, two million of which are registered.