• 2IPD - a recipe for postal excellence
    2IPD - a recipe for postal excellence
    UPU Deputy Director General addressed the participants of EETT's 9th International conference.
  • Posts need to transform
    Posts need to transform
    UPU Director General Bishar A. Hussein urges Posts to reform at the World Postal Business Forum, Post-Expo 2016
  • World Strategy Conference
    World Strategy Conference
    Visual tour of the debates in Geneva on 13-14 April 2015
  • UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
    UN chief praises the value of postal services to the world.
  • Keep me safe to get me there faster
    Keep me safe to get me there faster
    Awareness campaign on dangerous and prohibited goods in international mail
  • E-commerce forum
    E-commerce forum
    Key stakeholders got together to talk global e-commerce and how to facilitate the exchange of goods bought online.
  • EMS
    Regional spotlight on EMS, the Post's Express Mail Service
  • Management
    Director General Bishar Hussein and his deputy, Pascal Clivaz, are running the UPU from 2013-16.
  • Philately
    Spotlight on innovative techniques
  • Postal perceptions
    Postal perceptions
    Postal movers and shakers on the sector's future
  • Postal financial services
    Postal financial services
    Developing postal financial services is a key priority of the Doha Postal Strategy.
  • Global Monitoring System
    Global Monitoring System
    The UPU's Global Monitoring System helps Posts monitor the quality of their mail services using RFID technology.
  • .post
    .post is the name of the UPU's sponsored top-level domain, which facilitate the provision of postal e-services.
  • Letter-writing competition
    Letter-writing competition
    Every year, up to two million youths take part in the UPU's international letter-writing competition.
  • Post-Expo
    The industry was out in force at Post-Expo 2010, the sector's premier private event.
  • UPU Strategy Conference 2010
    UPU Strategy Conference 2010
    Every two years, the UPU takes stock of its world postal strategy adopted at Congress. In 2010, this took place in Nairobi, Kenya.


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