Czech out new coupon design

12.12.2012 - The Czech Republic has won the UPU’s competition to design the new international reply coupon (IRC).

The new coupon will be on sale from July 2013

The work of Czech artist and graphic designer, Michal Sindelar, reflects the theme ‘Water for Life’, chosen in line with the United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation in 2013.

The new IRC will go on sale on July 1, 2013. Customers will be able to exchange it until the end of 2017. It will replace the current coupon, known as the Nairobi model, which was first issued on July 1, 2009, and remains valid until December 31, 2013.

IRCs are exchangeable in every UPU member country for stamps representing the minimum postage for an ordinary priority letter-post item or airmail letter sent abroad for a reply.

While not all Posts sell IRCs, they are all required to exchange them.

By October 31, 2012, 120 Posts worldwide had issued more than four million Nairobi IRCs with a total value of some 5 million USD.

Some 105 years after they were created, IRCs remain useful. In addition to their normal use for sending reply-paid mail, students in many countries use them to exchange correspondence with universities and other educational institutions to find out the status of their admissions applications.



16.02.2014 04:08
John Howe

I agree with you it was a great shame that the UK PO stopped selling these useful coupons. But just a another bit of corporate arrogance - action without consultation, removing choice with no public say.

10.01.2014 15:49
A. T. Cairns

Apparently, we in the UK ceased IRC sales in 2012. That's a shame. Perhaps a campaign (simple posters inside Post Offices) informing people of IRC existence and purpose, would've seen a sales increase. Did we really have to just stop providing them? What a shame.

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