Friday 24. July 2015

Sara Jadid from Lebanon has won the UPU’s International Letter-Writing Competition 2015 with her letter on the world she wishes to grow up in. She impressed an international jury with a heartfelt plea for a world without war.

International letter-writing competition
Wednesday 24. June 2015

Improving operational efficiency and e-commerce development were identified as a top-level priorities by postal delegates at the Europe and CIS regional strategy conference.

Restricted unions, Europe (RCC)
Thursday 18. June 2015

Strengthening designated operators to make them more efficient and effective, and development of e-commerce emerged as top priorities at the regional strategy conference for Latin America in June.

Restricted unions, Latin America
Friday 05. June 2015

At the Africa regional strategy conference, national postal stakeholders, such as governments and public postal operators, have agreed that operational efficiency and developing e-commerce solutions are top priorities.

Restricted unions, Africa
Friday 08. May 2015

The UPU has received entries from 61 countries for the 44th edition of its International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People.

International letter-writing competition

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