Launch pilot test for Easy-export and inauguration of one-stop shop

Speech by UPU Director General Bishar A. Hussein at the official ceremony for the launch pilot test for Easy-export and inauguration of a one-stop shop, Kairouan, Tunisia, 21 January 2019

His Excellency Omar BEHI, Minister of Commerce of the Republic of Tunisia (TBC)

His Excellency Radhouane AYARA, Minister of Transport of the Republic of Tunisia (TBC)

His Excellency Mohamed Anouar MAAROUF, Minister of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy of the Republic of Tunisia (TBC)

Mr. Jawher FERJAOUI, President and CEO of the Tunisian Post

Mr Sami GHAZALI, President of the National Easy Export Commission.

Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a tremendous pleasure to attend this official ceremony for the launch of the pilot site for Easy-export Tunisia, and the inauguration of the Easy Export one-stop shop.

Two years ago, I was invited to initiate the Easy Export project at the first Tunisian National Forum on Export Facilitation in Gammarth. That was a truly memorable day for us all.

Those who were there, observed the important first steps Tunisia took, with the assistance of the UPU, in a project to streamline its export processes for small businesses all over Tunisia, benefiting from the capabilities of the Tunisian Post.

The key institutions who work with small businesses and the Tunisian export process, were there from the start of the project including - the Ministry of Communications Technology and Digital Economy, the Customs Authority, the Tunisian Postal, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Central Bank, Tunisie TradeNet, the Export Promotion Center, National Office of Crafts, Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation; and many others supporting the project.

As a symbol of our collective commitment, and a recognition of our deep sense of partnership, I remember the entire Tunisian Easy Export National Coordination Commission held hands.

I saw this as a powerful demonstration that this project was a joint project—a national project—firmly founded on the fundamental contributions of every institution, to establish a national export process based on the infrastructure of the postal operator to facilitate the export procedures for Micro and Small and Medium-sized Tunisian Enterprises.

All of these bodies have joined forces, united by a common desire to succeed.   

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Together we agreed an ambitious plan to develop Easy Export in Tunisia and together we have accomplished that.   You accomplished that!

Thanks to your dedication and determination, there is a clear Tunisian Easy Export solution for small businesses to take advantage of now.

Now more importantly, it’s not just theory and paper dream – today with the launch of this pilot in Kairouan it becomes a reality.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are here in Kairouan today to inaugurate the first Easy Export one-stop shop in Tunisia.

On our collective journey, we have worked side-by-side, we have shared experiences, and we have learned from each other.

The Universal Postal Union is proud to have supported Tunisia in this process. 

There were action plans, and a need to move forward on specific actions, while being mindful of the deadlines, indicators and resources necessary for successful delivery. 

Today we see the fruits of this planning and commitment and acceptance of responsibilities.

The overarching goal of the project is to provide Tunisian small businesses, including craftsman, with a channel to the postal service so that they can expand their products to other countries and introduce greater wealth, prosperity and development to their villages and cities.

I say this because our work on Easy Exports is closely connected to the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, especially SDG Goal 8.3 on development-orientated policies supporting decent job creation, and Goal 17.11 on doubling exports from developing countries.

The UPU’s own commitment to help generate creativity and innovation across postal operations, should assist countries to increase inclusion, lift people out of poverty and deliver life changing opportunities, as anticipated in the 2030 Development Agenda.  This is the power of a strong Post.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As the UPU Director-General, I am proud to tell you that UPU will continue to work with Tunisia in the spirit of partnership and close cooperation, to ensure the continued relevance of the postal network supporting accessible and inclusive services for the world.

So, now we have another memorable day in this collaboration between the UPU and Tunisia.

Here at the inauguration of the Easy Export one-stop shop in Kairouan, we can see the operational realization of the commitments we made.

I congratulate all involved in the project here in Tunisia, and those at the UPU who have supported Tunisia in this project.