POC Plenary, April 2018

Speech by UPU Director General Bishar A. Hussein at the POC Plenary, 19 April 2018.

The Chairman of POC Mr. Masahito Metoki,

The Deputy Director General Mr. Pascal Clivaz,

Distinguished members of POC and observers,

Ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of the International Bureau, I welcome you all to the Plenary meeting of the POC.

Well, here we are, at the third session of the POC, almost halfway through the cycle.

At this POC meeting, which is the last session before the extra-ordinary Congress, we have a good opportunity to take stock of what we have achieved, and what still has to be done.

The POC has already completed 152 deliverables.

Only 10 deliverables have been postponed. 

This is an excellent result and I would like to express my appreciation to the Chair of the POC, and the Committees and Standing Groups for their hard work and leadership.

I would also like to thank the IB secretariat for their efforts to support the heavy workload that has enabled the achievement of these results.

Two of the POC’s key deliverables up to now are the drafting of the Integrated Product Plan and the Integrated Remuneration Plan that will be submitted to the Extraordinary Congress in September for decision. 

These plans, which address product, remuneration and supply chain issues, are vital to the sustainability of this Union and the postal business across the membership.

Providing modern products that suit today’s market and customer requirements is the only way to enable the Posts to take part in the great opportunities created by e-commerce. 

However, to ensure the sustainability of the postal network, these services have to be provided at a rate that enables the cost coverage for both the sending and receiving designated operator.

The unprecedented growth in volumes of small items driven by e-commerce also requires the postal supply chain to adapt to meet the emerging customs and security requirements.

The UPU, for its part, has developed a global postal model in response to the emerging global and regional security regulations.

In addition, the UPU is working with other intergovernmental agencies to define global standards and procedures for the effective management of the security of the postal network. 

A good example of this collaboration will be seen today when we conclude a Cooperation agreement between the Universal Postal Union and the International Narcotics Control Board.  

In order to achieve the goals of these plans and the expectations of the market and emerging supply chain requirements, the UPU must work with member countries to facilitate capacity building.

This is where the work the POC in defining and prioritizing the QSF common fund projects is progressing. 

The QSF projects along with the operational readiness for e-commerce program and the SECUREX project are essential to assisting the member countries to implement the processes and technology necessary to take advantage of the e-commerce opportunities and ensure the sustainability of the postal network.

Within the framework of the regional development plans, six regional strategic projects on E-commerce readiness (ORE) developed and launched in April 2017 and more than 100 designated operators participating in the ORE project.

The UPU has always been and continues to be focused on the development of practical solutions and the modernization of postal financial services for its member countries.

With this in mind, we can note with satisfaction that there have been significant developments in postal payment services and support tools in line with Istanbul Congress decisions.

Through the Postransfer Group, created in 2015, its members are able to enhance their electronic postal payment services, profiting from the PosTransfer mark, adoption of the multilateral agreement, the implementation of the quality service standards, as well as the development of new technologies for the development and management of postal payment business

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I wish you effective deliberations and a successful outcome of your activities.