Clivaz calls on Africa to participate in remuneration talks

19.02.2019 - UPU Deputy Director General Pascal Clivaz has urged African countries to consolidate their views on ongoing discussions on postal remuneration and present them during the UPU’s April Postal Operations Council (POC) and Council of Administration (CA) meetings.

UPU Deputy Director General Pascal Clivaz met with South African Deputy Minister for Communication Pinky Kekana in Durban.

Addressing the 7th Annual Southern Africa Postal Operators Association Postal Business Forum in Durban, South Africa, Mr. Clivaz called on players in the region to take part in the review.  

“I would urge Africa to actively participate in these discussions that have the potential to greatly impact the role of the Union as well as international postal business,” he said.

Mr. Clivaz said that, following a decision by the Council of Administration last October, working groups of the POC and CA have been carrying out discussions on the remuneration of small packets and that he hoped they would arrive at an amicable decision on their proposals by April.

For her part, South Africa’s Deputy Minister for Communication Pinky Kekana said there was a need for the Post to adapt to new realities in the market guided by best international practices.

“It is important that postal operators should be able to cover their costs. However, it is equally important that whatever outcome is agreed upon does not create a situation that will make the UPU’s [member] postal operators uncompetitive in potentially profitable market segments,” she said.

The Deputy Minister called upon UPU members to ensure that the current discussion on remuneration does not affect the status of the Union.

We should continue to support and strengthen the multilateral system. I believe the current challenges facing the UPU can be solved and that it should not be necessary for any country to leave the UPU,” she said.

At the same time, Mr. Clivaz informed forum participants that preparations for the Abidjan World Postal Strategy were underway with regional round table meetings expected to begin soon.

“Our initial reflection at the International Bureau is to come up with a strategy that encourages the creation of new products and services that would make the Post more competitive in the market,” he said.

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