Easy Export Programme pilot launched in Morocco

23.01.2018 - The trade facilitation initiative was launched by the UPU and the Moroccan government in Rabat on 18 January with a view to helping more Moroccan small businesses trade their wares on the global market.

UPU Director General Bishar A. Hussein with Moroccan Secretary of State for Foreign Trade Rkia Derham (right) and Moroccan Secretary of State for Artisanal Industry and Social Economy Jamila El Moussali (left).

The UPU Easy Export Programme brings together designated operators and key trade facilitation stakeholders in national government to help countries implement solutions to boost their micro, small and medium enterprises’ (MSMEs) participation in the export market. Morocco is among the first countries to pilot the programme.

UPU Director General Bishar A. Hussein and Moroccan Secretary of State for Foreign Trade Rkia Derham, chaired the launch ceremony, which was attended by other high-level officials, including Moroccan Secretary of State for Artisanal Industry and Social Economy Jamila El Moussali and Poste Maroc Director General Amin Benjelloun Touimi.

The UPU Director General remarked on the difficulties MSMEs face in accessing the financial and informational resources required to participate fully in the economy, despite their significant contribution the job market, particularly in emerging economies.

“The UPU has recognized the crucial role of MSMEs in the national development of our member countries and that is why we are supporting initiatives that enable them to play a bigger role in business and employment creation. Through access to export opportunities, MSMEs will access new markets for their products and increase their return on investment,” said Hussein.

Easy Export harnesses this capillarity of the postal network to deliver trade facilitation resources to small businesses in even the most remote corners of the world. He noted the role the programme could play in fulfilling the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, particularly those related to inclusive economic growth and employment, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and global partnership for sustainable development.

Benjelloun thanked the UPU for its support, adding: “Easy Export will support Morocco’s micro, small and medium enterprises by giving them the opportunity to export goods easily and at a low cost via Poste Maroc, which, as the public postal operator, boasts an extensive network and offers local, tailored services that benefit the economic fabric of Morocco."

The UPU will work with Morocco to implement the programme throughout the next two years. The pilot will help the UPU test and improve the project methodology, guide and training programme, among other tools, before it implements the programme in further countries.



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