New resolution adopted on Palestinian postal operations

11.03.2012 - The UPU Council of Administration adopted a resolution this month entitling Palestine to obtain revenues for processing international letter post, parcels and express items, according to UPU rules.

The Palestinian Authority issues stamps since 1995 and operates about 100 post offices.

The resolution instructs member countries and their designated operators to abide by provisions adopted since a 1999 Congress resolution that recognized Palestine’s right to direct mail exchanges.

The 2008 CA initially decided Palestine was entitled to these revenues during the 2009-2012 period.

But since Palestine cannot yet receive international mail directly from other UPU member countries or send it, it has not collected revenues covering the cost of processing and delivering mail items receives from abroad.

Currently, international mail exchanges with Palestine go through Israel. Since issuing a joint Declaration at the 2008 Universal Postal Congress held in Geneva, Israel and Palestine have been discussing an operational solution that would see Palestinian mail move by road transport between Ramallah and Amman, Jordan, while providing security guarantees to Israel.

The 2012 CA resolution also instructs the UPU director general to continue efforts to implement direct postal exchanges with Palestine and all other UPU decisions regarding Palestine.

The UPU recognizes Palestine as an observer since 1999.

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