Q&A on the ballot for a third Extraordinary Congress

18.04.2019 - The UPU Council of Administration (CA) has unanimously recommended that member countries convene an Extraordinary Congress in Geneva on 24 – 25 September 2019 to discuss the terminal dues rates for small packets. This is in direct response to the concerns raised by several member countries about a perceived lack of cost coverage and market distortions caused by these rates. Such an Extraordinary Congress would facilitate the high-level discussions required to find the best way forward to keep the UPU and its single postal territory intact, relevant and sustainable.

What is the purpose of the postal ballot?

The postal ballot will determine whether UPU member countries wish to convene an Extraordinary Congress to decide on the three options submitted by the CA on the possible revision of E-format letter-post item rates. These options are outlined in CA C 2 2019.1–Doc 6. Convening an Extraordinary Congress requires the support of two-thirds of UPU member countries, so it is imperative that every UPU member country submit its ballot.

Why does the Council of Administration recommend convening an Extraordinary Congress?

Remuneration is a complex issue in which all member countries have a stake. Having plenipotentiaries of UPU member countries gather in plenary fashion will allow for full discussion and deliberation on the three options, so that member countries can take informed decisions on issues that will have far-reaching consequences for the future of the UPU.

Why can’t this matter wait until the 2020 Congress in Abidjan?

On 17 October 2018, the Government of the United States of America officially notified the UPU of its intent to withdraw from the organization effective one year from that date. It identified terminal dues remuneration for E-format letter-post items as its main concern. The withdrawal of any member country endangers the fundamental concept of a single postal territory and risks serious damage to the integrity of the entire international postal network. The CA therefore hopes that UPU member countries can reach a decision on the possible revision of these rates before the stated withdrawal date.

What happens if countries decide not to hold an Extraordinary Congress?

Should countries decide to forgo an Extraordinary Congress, decision making on the three options on the possible revision of E-format letter-post item rates will take place by another postal ballot.

Who should submit the postal ballot?

Only the relevant governmental authority (i.e. ministry, department, regulator, or diplomatic representation) responsible for postal policy and regulatory matters in each UPU member country can submit a ballot. The ballot must be signed by a duly authorized representative of that governmental authority.

Where can I find the ballot?

The ballot has been sent by post to the relevant governmental authority in each member country. It is also available for download on the UPU website: www.upu.int/en/2019postalballot.

When does the ballot have to be submitted to the International Bureau?

The ballot must be duly completed by the relevant governmental authority and returned by post no later than 15 May 2019. A scanned copy of the completed ballot must also be sent by email (Ballot2019@upu.int) to the UPU International Bureau.

For more information please visit www.upu.int/en/2019postalballot.

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