Statement from the Director General of the Universal Postal Union on the closure of its headquarters to all non-essential personnel

16.03.2020 - The health and welfare of the Universal Postal Union’s staff and their families are my highest priority. I have, therefore, decided to close the headquarters of the Universal Postal Union with immediate effect due to the COVID-19 pandemic and instructed all non-essential staff to work remotely.

Throughout this period, only those staff considered essential to the critical services of the Universal Postal Union will continue to work in the building. All other staff will work from home.

No physical meetings will take place at the UPU headquarters and UPU missions and travel abroad are postponed until further notice. General management will continue to review the situation on a weekly basis and we will inform all staff of any further developments.

The decision to close the headquarters has been taken on the basis of the guidance provided to me by the United Nations and on the medical advice of the host country.

I want all of UPU’s many stakeholders to know that, in this difficult time, we will continue to offer you a world-class service and to uphold our postal mandate as a UN specialized agency.   

We once again urge everyone to follow the guidance of the World Health Organization and the medical advice of countries and to remain healthy and safe.  


The Universal Postal Union is a UN specialized agency with its headquarters in the Swiss capital Berne. Established in 1874, it is one of the world’s oldest international organizations and is the primary forum for cooperation between postal sector players.

For further information, please contact: 

David Dadge

Programme Manager, Communication and Events Programme

Universal Postal Union (UPU)

Mobile: +41 76 457 36 54

Work: +41 31 350 31 23


Useful links:

Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH):

World Health Organization:

United Nations website on COVID-19:

Press release, Organization


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