Statement of the Universal Postal Union on World Environment Day

05.06.2018 - No one on this planet can exist outside our precious environment, which is a shared gift to us all.

Whether as mothers, fathers, daughters or sons, we all have a reason to want to see this world flourish and to overcome the many environmental challenges it faces.

This year, the theme of World Environmental Day is beating plastic pollution.

We can all take conscious and concerted action to help solve this problem.

At the Universal Postal Union (UPU), we take seriously the need to support designated postal operators in their sustainability efforts, and to help them reduce waste and address packaging issues. 

Through our Online Solution for Carbon Analysis and Reporting—or OSCAR—we encourage businesses to develop sustainable and socially responsible policies.

UPU is also focused, alongside the other members of the UN family, on helping to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.  

As part of the Sustainable United Nations group, UPU is working to reduce the environmental footprint of UPU’s headquarters—“Greening the Blue”—and we are proud of our climate neutrality

On World Environment Day, UPU rededicates itself to working with our 192 member countries to support the environment.  

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