UPU Conference on data protection and privacy explores UN-wide approaches and impact on posts

23.10.2018 - Exploring the impact of data protection and privacy laws on postal services and e-commerce markets was the topic of a high-profile conference at the Berne headquarters of the Universal Postal Union.

Held during meetings of the Council of Administration, the conference was titled, “Assuring data protection and privacy for the postal sector in a digital interconnected world” and examined the EU General Data Protection Regulation—GDPR—approved in the EU Parliament in 2016.

The new regulation aims to harmonize data privacy laws and to simplify the regulations for international business. Some see the changes in data privacy as the most important for two decades.    

In opening remarks, the Director General of the Universal Postal Union Bishar A. Hussein said, “As there have been many issues and challenges in data protection and privacy, new laws and regulations have been passed in order to cope with the new environment.”

During the conference, speakers from the European Commission, UN and international organizations, national governments, restricted unions, posts and the private sector presented their perspectives on treaty-making approaches and developments of data protection and privacy on the national and global levels.

Mr. Hussein, in his speech, described data protection and privacy as crucially important and noted that data protection authorities play an active role in ensuring that strong consumer protection structures are in place in the market.

Read the full speech.



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