Viet Nam Premier supports UPU reform process

28.06.2018 - Viet Nam’s Deputy Prime Minister H.E. Vu Duc Dam has supported the reform initiatives by the UPU.

The Deputy Prime Minister, who was meeting with the UPU Director General Bishar Hussein and the Deputy Director General Pascal Clivaz, said with the change in technology that has greatly affected the postal business coupled with market demands, the post had no choice but to change its business focus.

Mr. Dam said for the post to experience the required transformation, it is important for the global body, UPU, to also undergo relevant reforms.

“In Viet Nam, we have effected major reforms in our postal services and we have seen the benefit of this”, he said, adding that UPU should spearhead global change for the postal business.

The Deputy Prime Minister said the government was using the postal services to deliver a variety of services to the citizens, especially in remote parts of the country.

Apart from a vast network, he said, the post enjoyed considerable trust from the public and, therefore, this makes it a preferred choice for many transactions.

Mr. Hussein briefed the Deputy Prime Minister on the preparations for the forthcoming UPU Extraordinary Congress.

“The topics of discussions are very crucial for the future of the Union and so we would like to have as many members participating as possible so that they can make quality decisions on these important matters,” Mr. Hussein said.

During the meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister also assured the UPU Director General that Viet Nam will be represented at the Addis Ababa Congress by a high-level delegate.

The UPU Director General also met with Vietnam’s Minister for Information and Communications, H.E. Truong Minh Tuan.

He was accompanied by the Deputy Director General Pascal Clivaz.

The minister briefed him on the state of the post in Vietnam. He said that 10 years after the post separated from telecoms, it has been able to make good profits and it is the largest employer in the country with a workforce of 42,000 employees.

The postal network in Viet Nam has nearly 13,000 service points, with an average service radius of 2.92 square km per each point, ensuring that there is a service point serving around 7,800 people in the whole country.



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