World Telecommunication and Information Society Day: Statement of the UPU Director General Bishar A. Hussein

16.05.2018 - Throughout the world, digital technology—including artificial intelligence—is making unparalleled advances into our daily lives.

Many of these developments are at the forefront of continuing efforts to connect our world.

Nowhere is this more self-evident than in the postal sector where technology is allowing postal operators to enjoy tremendous benefits.

Artificial intelligence also reaches deep into other areas such as digital warehouses and the creation of postal services that are both trusted and timely.

There are also increasing attempts to allow artificial intelligence to categorize, weigh and price mail, and apply robotics to the movement of parcels.

We are truly living in a world of transformation and growing opportunity for business, but also for achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development where technology has an invaluable role to play. 

On World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) is proud as part of the UN family to support postal operators everywhere to embrace these developments, while continuing to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency. 

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