Friday 03. July 2020

The post, a global industry that employs more than five million people and grosses billions of dollars in revenue, has been upended on a titanic scale

Monday 22. June 2020

Acknowledging the terrible impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has led the Universal Postal Union to re-think one of its key events, the World Postal Business Forum. Previously, the Forum attracted high-quality speakers in a...

Tuesday 16. June 2020

Globally hundreds of millions of people rely on the money sent home by migrants working abroad. Many of these families live in rural areas where poverty and hunger exist and their reliance on the money sent home is total.

Money transfers
Wednesday 10. June 2020

The past few months have been extremely challenging for Posts working on the front lines of the global pandemic. But it has also been a time of resilience and innovation during which Posts have expanded social, financial and...

Promoting the post
Friday 05. June 2020

With 1 million species facing extinction, the world needs to act quickly in order to protect the world’s precious biodiversity.


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