Tuesday 11. February 2020

A new report published by the UPU shows how Posts are gaining customers’ trust to provide financial inclusion through the postal network.

Financial services
Friday 07. February 2020

Anyone who has ever paid a visit to the UPU’s International Bureau in Berne, Switzerland, has probably taken note of the beautiful works of art throughout its halls, gifted by member countries. Some of the artists featured there...

Monday 20. January 2020

A new capacity building programme led by the UPU seeks to maximize the adoption of UPU security standards and protect the postal supply chain from dangerous goods.

Monday 20. January 2020

Happy birthday to the Pan African Postal Union. It is a great pleasure for me and for the membership of UPU to participate in this great celebration to mark PAPU’s 40th anniversary.

Friday 17. January 2020

Speaking at the opening ceremony for a high-level forum on financial inclusion and regional integration in Arusha, Tanzania, the Universal Postal Union’s Director General, Bishar A. Hussein, warmly praised the Pan-African Postal...


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