Tuesday 09. October 2018

13-year old Chara Phoka’s letter depicting the brutality of conflict and migrant smuggling receives gold medal during a moving ceremony at UPU’s Berne headquarters

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Monday 08. October 2018

Thirteen year old Chara Phoka from Cyprus has won the Universal Postal Union’s prestigious 47th International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People.

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Monday 08. October 2018

With more than 600,000 offices across the globe, the postal sector is one of the world’s largest logistical networks and a vital center of community life everywhere.

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Friday 07. September 2018

Addis Ababa/Berne. Agreement reached on UPU reform; contributions for SIDS; the Integrated Product Plan as related to proposals from the POC and CA, with the exception of mandatory tracking; and a compromise agreement on the...

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