Wednesday 20. September 2017

Postal chief executives have wrapped up their discussions at the second annual UPU World CEO Forum in Moscow with a clear vision for postal transformation.

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Wednesday 28. June 2017

UPU and IPC to identify synergies in technology solutions and to reinforce cooperation in market research and sustainability. UPU and IPC to set up a Forum and Expert Teams to implement the agreement.

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Tuesday 20. September 2016

The 26th Universal Postal Congress, where important decisions will be made to shape the future of the postal sector, is being held in Istanbul between September 20 and October 7, 2016.

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Friday 03. June 2016

Analyzing global flows of postal items in an international physical network can provide critical insights into measuring national development with big data, plugging the gaps where data from digital networks is missing, as new...

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Wednesday 15. April 2015

The Universal Postal Union’s World Strategy Conference has ended with a recognition that the postal sector is a critical actor in delivering solutions that foster inclusion and help the international community achieve its...

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