Monday 04. August 2014

A poignant letter written by a violin proved music to the international jury’s ears, earning 13-year-old Nataša Miloševic, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the gold medal in the Universal Postal Union’s 43rd International...

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Friday 13. June 2014

Despite the tremendous potential they offer for extending Internet access to the public and offering other valuable social, financial and government services, the world has fallen short on connecting all post offices with...

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Friday 04. April 2014

The Ukrainian Post has informed the designated postal operators of the Universal Postal Union’s member countries to suspend the dispatch of international mail to Ukraine addressed to the Crimea until further notice.

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Monday 31. March 2014

The recent Bali agreement’s promise of increased global trade is pushing postal services to listen closely to customers and work more effectively with all stakeholders to meet the expectations of consumers and merchants wanting...

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Tuesday 18. March 2014

The Universal Postal Union will help the Philippine Post renovate its Tacloban postal facility, which was severely damaged by Typhoon Haiyan last November on the island of Leyte.

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