8.00 - 8.45 Registration

9.00 - 9.15 Opening session

Strategic positioning in the fast-evolving e-commerce competitive landscape

9.15 - 10.30 Panel 1: E-commerce as profitable ecosystem for Posts: Challenges, opportunities and solutions

From payments to managing e-marketplaces, and from delivery to market access, the role of Posts in the e-commerce value chain varies from one country to the next. Digitally savvy customers, armed with social networks and looking for lower prices, greater convenience and a seamless experience in buying, receiving and returning products are forcing postal operators to evolve and make more effort to understand their customers and the changes in the postal market. Panelists will focus on defining the Post in this environment, business models and tackling international delivery challenges.


  • Ahmed Fahour
    Managing Director and CEO, Australia Postal Corporation
  • Daniel Goldstein
    President and CEO, Israel Postal Company
  • Li Xiong
    Vice President, China Post Group


10.30 - 11.00 Coffee break


11.00 - 12.00 Panel 2: E-retailers and e-marketers: Customers or competitors?

Delivery logistics are now the frontline of a tectonic shift that is taking place everywhere from the United States and Europe to China. The borders between retailing and logistics are becoming blurred: a combination of technology, lifestyle changes and attitudes is altering the way people think about parcel delivery, which has become a “where I want it, when I want it” service. In turn, e-retailers, traditional retailers and third-party logistics players are looking to customer-determined delivery speeds, on-demand time slots, and flexible delivery locations as a differentiation strategy. Postal operators are optimally placed between retailers and customers, in particular small and  medium-sized potential e-retailers. However, they do not seem to be able to capitalize on this strategic position in the  e-commerce world. In contrast, Google and eBay have launched same-day delivery services, and Amazon has gone so far as to introduce one-hour delivery in major American cities.


  • Adebisi Adegbuyi,
    Postmaster General and CEO, Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST)
  • Jorge A. Irigoin
    President and CEO, Correo Oficial de la República Argentina
  • Boyapati Venkat Sudhakar
    Chairman of the Postal Services Board, Government of India



12.00 - 14.00 Lunch


Postal products and services in the digital economy

14.00 - 15.15 Panel 3: Postal financial services in the digital era

Financial services are undergoing a revolution. Fintechs, Bitcoins, contactless payments, mobile money and other digital innovations are changing the relationship people have with money. Banks are reducing their physical footprint, and a cashless future is within reach. Physical networks and one-on-one direct relations are becoming less critical, while the possibility to fully tailor financial products to every client – remotely and digitally will soon be a reality. Yet, trust will continue to be a key competitive advantage. And further integration between payment and other aspects of e-commerce transactions (online orders and delivery) is also becoming an asset to bank on. This situation provides tremendous opportunities for Posts.


  • Didier Brune
    Director for Strategy and Development, La Banque Postale France
  • Daniel Kagwe
    Postmaster General and CEO a.i., Postal Corporation of Kenya
  • Susanne Ruoff
    Director General, La Poste Suisse
  • Amin Benjelloun Touimi
    Director General, Poste Maroc



15.15 - 15.45 Coffee break


Keynote speech: Jean Tirole, 2014 Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences

15.45 - 16.45 Panel 4: Role of big data in postal transformation and business

Postal operators collect a plethora of data from their networks, and this information translates into knowledge opportunities for more efficiencies, operational agility and greater profitability. Moreover, understanding the consumer better through a sound data approach allows Posts to take on a role as partner, rather than just executing e-retailer and consumer logistics requirements, and become a piece of the big data ecosystem.


  • Jean Tirole
    2014 Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences and Chairman, Toulouse School of Economics
  • Pascal Clivaz
    Deputy Director General, UPU
  • Heikki Malinen
    President and CEO, Posti Ltd., Finland


Closing session

16.45 - 17.45 Postal value chain: Thinking beyond borders

In an increasingly disruptive and innovative environment, Posts have multiple avenues of opportunity through e-commerce, evolving customers and competitors, social media, postal financial services and big data. Speakers will address the role of the UPU in providing adequate platforms and solutions to seize cross-border business opportunities. Participants will discuss and define the key messages to be brought to the attention of governments at the 2016 UPU Ministerial Conference.


  • Kenan Bozgeyik
    Chairman of the Board and Director General, Turkish PTT Corporation
  • Bishar A. Hussein
    Director General, UPU
  • Dmitry Strashnov
    Director General, Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Russian Post”
  • Philippe Wahl
    President and Director General, La Poste

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  • Alex Taylor
    TV and Radio Journalist
  • Bernhard Bukovc
    MD, Postal Innovation Platform