Bishar A. Hussein, Director General, UPU

Bishar Abdirahman Hussein was first elected Director General of the UPU International Bureau on 10 October 2012 during the 25th Universal Postal Congress in Doha, receiving a second mandate during the 26th Congress in Istanbul.

Mr. Hussein is vastly experienced in UPU and postal matters. He chaired the UPU Council of Administration for the 2008-2012 cycle, having been designated by the Government of Kenya to chair the 24th UPU Congress, held in Geneva in 2008.

In September 2010, he successfully chaired the UPU Strategy Conference held in Nairobi. The conference provided a forum for discussion of important global issues affecting the postal sector and paved the way for the development of the Doha Postal Strategy.

Mr. Hussein began his postal career with the Kenya Posts & Telecommunications Corporation, which he joined in 1984 as a management trainee. He rose through the ranks and became the first postmaster general of the Postal Corporation of Kenya in 1999. He led the postal entity from a loss-making to a profitable and self-sustaining postal enterprise.

In 2002, he was appointed ambassador of Kenya to the United Arab Emirates, covering the Gulf Region, for a six-year period.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Honours) in political science and sociology from the University of Nairobi. Throughout his 28 years of public service, Mr. Hussein has attended many courses and seminars in postal management, human resources, finance, administration and diplomacy.

Kenan Bozgeyik, Director General and Chairman of the Board of Turkish PTT Corp.

Kenan Bozgeyik graduated from the Eskisehir Anadolu University Department of Finance. He has ful lled various senior positions in many public administrations such as the Ministry of Environment as inspector and adviser to the Minister, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey as adviser, the Ministry of Health as Head of Research Planning and Coordination Department and Head of Strategy Department, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication. He has also served as Head of the Research Planning and Coordination Department and Under Secretary of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies.

He was appointed CEO and Chairman of the Board of Turkish PTT Corp. on 31 March 2016. Mr. Bozgeyik currently represents Turkey as Chairman of the UPU Council of Administration. 

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Turkey

Mr Ahmet Arslan is the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Turkey.

Mr Arslan has had an extensive career, having served in various capacities for several Turkish ministries, including as a director of the Ministry of Transport’s General Directorate of Rail, Ports and Airport Construction. He was also a member of the State Airports Authority, TT-NET and The Foundation Board of Directors, the TURKSAT Supervisory Board and the Maritime Assembly of TOBB.

Mr Arslan holds several distinctions, including the Turkish World of Engineering award, an honorary professorship, and a “Bureaucrat of the Year” award for turning a negative into a positive.

Before joining the public sector, Mr Arslan spent seven years in the private sector and has held various positions with the Pendik Shipyard. He is shipbuilding and mechanical engineer by trade, having graduated from the Istanbul Technical University, Naval Architecture and Marine Sciences Faculty, and the National Security Academy. 

Adebisi Adegbuyi, Postmaster General and CEO, Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST)

Mr Adebisi Adegbuyi has been CEO of NIPOST since 2016. In 2017, he introduced 12 new products, one of which was awarded a prize during the 2018 World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Geneva, Switzerland.

He is a private sector driven individual with over 25 years of experience in running various organizations, including Adebisi Adegbuyi and Associates, Grandview Solicitors, Grandview Estates Limited, and Grandview Academy.

He completed his LL.B, B.L, and LL.M degrees in law from the University of Lagos and the Council of Legal Education in Nigeria.

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Alabduljabbar, Acting President and CEO, Saudi Post

Mr Mohammed bin Al Abduljabbar is currently Acting CEO at Saudi Post which he joined in 2010 as Vice President for Investment and Marketing. He initiated and completed some of the most important initiatives for transforming Saudi Post, such as national addressing, expansion of postal services, establishment of new services, launching independent money transfer business, and launching mobile virtual networks.

Mr Al Abduljabbar is a veteran executive with extensive experience across many industries (healthcare, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, construction management, finance, investment, logistics, telecommunications) in both public and private sectors. He led the establishment of the first and largest pharmaceuticals Plant in the Kingdom.

He holds a MBA from the University of Warwick, and a graduate degree in Civil Engineering from King Fahad University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia.

Carel Camille Alexandre, Director General, Haiti Post

Mr Carel Camille Alexandre has been the Director General of Haiti Post since April 2015. He did his university studies at Escuela Superior Militar Eloy Alfaro Quito (Ecuador), from which he was commissioned to the rank of Sub-Lieutenant in the Armored Cavalry, and obtained a degree in Administration and Management of Human Resources.

Back in Haiti, he joined Haiti’s armed forces, later going on to join the National Police of Haiti, where he participated in the creation of the first Unit of Maintenance of the Order (CIMO). He became the Commander of this unit for five years.

He was then promoted to Central Director of the Administrative Police (Chief of Staff of the National Police of Haiti).

Under the presidency of Michel Joseph Martelly, Mr Alexandre was appointed Coordinator of the General Security of the National Palace, later taking on the post of Director General of the Ministry of Defense.

He currently holds the post of General Manager of the Post Office of Haiti and Chief Executive Officer of Global Security S.A., a company he founded. 

Faleh Mohammed Al-Naemi, Chairman and Managing Director, Qatar Post

Mr Faleh Al-Naemi brings over 25 years of experience leading and managing a number of governmental and semi-governmental organizations in Qatar.

Mr Al-Naemi plays a critical role at Qatar Post by leading the company’s overall transformation and ensuring Qatar Post has state of the art infrastructure that supports Qatar’s

Vision 2030. He represented Qatar as the Chairman of the UPU Council of Administration from November 2014 until October 2016.

Before joining Qatar Post, Mr Al-Naemi was at ICT Qatar as Assistant Secretary General, where he added significant value to the business through effective risk management with a strong strategic and commercial focus. Mr Al-Naemi was educated in Qatar and has a bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics, specializing in Business Administration and Management.

Mark Barnes, Group CEO, South Africa Post Office

Mr Mark Barnes was appointed CEO of the South African Post Office in January 2016.

Mr Barnes has more than 30 years of experience working as a leader in the South African financial service market, having previously held leadership positions with Standard Bank, Capital Alliance and Brait. Mr Barnes has had a wide exposure to financial markets previously as head of the biggest treasury operation in South Africa and as Chairman of

the South African Futures Exchange. He is currently the Chairman and the largest single shareholder in the Purple Group.

Mr Barnes holds a Business Science degree in Actuarial Science from University of Cape Town and a certificate from the Harvard Business School’s Programme for Management Development.

Levan Chikvaidze, Director General, Georgian Post

Mr Levan Chikvaidze was appointed Director General of Georgian Post LTD in 2012. Before that, he held the position of the Executive Director of the Voters League. During 2007-2012, Mr Chikvaidze worked in the Sales Department of MTC Inc. New York, NY, and as a Network Engineer at Cell Gate USA, Irvine, CA.

Before his work in the USA, Mr Chikvaidze held various leadership positions in Georgia and abroad.

Mr Chikvaidze earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Georgian Technical University in 1989-1994. In 2005, he continued specialized training in the Centre for International Cooperation, Mashav, Israel and in 2007 in he majored in Business Administration at ConocoPhillips in Los Angeles.

Nabi Issa Coulibaly, Director General, Société national des postes (SONAPOST)

Mr Nabi Issa Coulibaly has been the Director General of SONAPOST since 11 August 2017.

Prior to his appointment as the head of the Post, Mr Coulibaly worked for twelve years at Ecobank Burkina, the leading bank in Burkina Faso and a subsidiary of the ETI Group. He most recently served as head of department of

the private bank, charged with implementing the modernization and development strategy of the banking branch intended for private customers in the emerging and high-income classes. Prior to this, he held several other commercial and analytical positions within the bank, such as Regional Director of Business Development, Value Chain Manager for SMEs and Individual Account Manager.

Mr Coulibaly is a financial actuary with a degree from the l’Institut supérieur de statistique et d’économie appliquée au Maroc (INSEA).

Abdelkarim Dahmani, Director General, Algeria Post

Mr Abdelkarim Dahmani holds a doctorate in public economic law and is a graduate in economics and finance from the National School of Administration (ENA). Prior to his appointment as Head of Algeria Post, he served as Inspector General at the Ministry of Post and ICTs, and as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Algeria Post.

Created on January 14, 2002, Algeria Post has a client portfolio of more than 23 million current postal accounts and a network of more than 3,800 post offices. The Post is in an important phase of change, integrating new technologies that have become suitable solutions to meet the needs of different partners.

Khalil Daoud, CEO, LibanPost

Mr Khalil Daoud has led LibanPost as Chairman of the Board and Managing Director since joining the company in 2002. Under Mr Daoud’s leadership, LibanPost undertook a massive internal reform based on infrastructure reorganization, human capital development, business diversification and brand establishment, transforming the company into a modern, diversified and profitable organization in less than five years.

In addition to his responsibilities at LibanPost, Mr Daoud has been, since 2013, the Chairman and Managing Director of CashUnited, the main distributor of MoneyGram ser- vices and one of the largest third-party financial retail service networks in Lebanon.

Since November 2016, Mr Daoud has served as Chairman of the Board of the Postal Union for the Mediterranean, a restricted union under the Universal Postal Union.

Mr Daoud is also a Board Member of the Institut de prospective économique du monde méditerranéen (IPEMED) since 2016 and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Institut de prospective économique du monde méditerranéen (IPEMED) since December 2017.

Jean-Luc Delcroix, Director, Monaco Post

Mr Jean-Luc Delcroix is the Director of La Poste Monaco and Officer in charge of the Chronopost agency in the Principality of Monaco.

Since Mr Delcroix joined La Poste Monaco, turnover has increased by more than 90%, owing to the introduction of new, value-added services while still maintaining the Post’s strong public service footprint.

Mr Delcroix also serves as an Adviser to the Assembly of French Abroad (AFE) for Southern Europe, and Consular Advisor of the constituency of the Principality of Monaco. In addition to this, he serves as a Lieutenant-Colonel (RC) of the National Gendarmerie, Member of the French High Committee for Civil Defense and Member of the AFE Security and Protection Committee.

M Delcroix is highly decorated, with the Knight of the National Order of the Legion of Honor (2014) and the Knight of the Order of St. Charles (Principality of Monaco) (2007) among his achievements.

Seong Ju KANG, President, Korea Post

Mr Seong Ju KANG took office as President of Korea Post in 2017 and has been implementing his philosophy of field-oriented management, believing that all issues relating to the post office have an answer in the field. Under the slogan “Korea Post, Always with you,” he has endeavored bring the government organization forward to the future, focusing on reliability. With his abundant career in the postal and IT sectors over the past 30 years, Mr KANG is actively working to apply innovative technologies – such as drone delivery, electronic vehicles, big data, AI – to the various business areas of Korea Post. Before his appointment as Korea Post President, he served as minister counselor to the Korean Delegation to Paris-based OECD and as Vice Chair of the OECD Public Governance Committee.

Mr KANG studied public management, policy analysis, and information systems at the doctoral level at Pennsylvania State University. 

Himmet Karadag, Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee, Istanbul Stock Exchange

Himmet Karadag assumed the position of Board Member of the Capital Markets Board in 2012 and became the Deputy Chairman of the Board in January 2016. Appointed as Borsa Istanbul Chairman of the Board, Himmet Karadag was then elected as Board member of Türkiye Wealth Fund, and later as the Türkiye Wealth Fund Acting Chairman of the Board.

Mr Karadag has held key positions in the Ministry of Finance Revenue Administration, including serving as the Official Adviser to the Commissioner at the Revenue Administration and as Official Adviser to the Minister of Finance. He worked as a Senior Tax Inspector and Deputy Head of the Tax Inspector Group, and also as Head of Department at Ministry of Finance General Directorate of Revenue Policies

Born in Denizli, Himmet Karadag graduated earned his MBA degree from the University of Exeter Business School.

Khaled Lahham, Director General, Jordan Post Company (JPC)

Mr Khaled Lahham is a senior professional with more than 20 years of experience holding positions in different governmental and international organizations. Throughout his career he has held leading positions, including Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General for the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology for Financial and Administrative Affairs. He was also Secretary General for the Ministry of Public Sector Development, where he played an active role in public sector reform.

While Mr. Lahham has spent much of his career in public service, he has also supported the growth of the private sector in Jordan. As the Secretary General at the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, he helped establish a competitive environment to support private sector investments in ICT and to find opportunities to link international companies with local Jordanian businesses.

Mr. Lahham holds a PhD in Finance and has completed numerous training courses on public policy, leadership, business management and government financing. 

Bahnan Ali Maidal, Director General, Djibouti Post

Mr Bahnan Ali Maidal has been the Director General of Djibouti Post since 2014. During this time, he has focused on giving a young and dynamic image to the post. He has led the optimization of technology to launch Djibouti Post into the realm of e-commerce and other postal segments.

Mr Maidal has previously worked with the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications as a technical advisor. In addition, he has served in the Djibouti Army as a Communications Officer.

Mr Maidal holds a Masters degree in Communication, strategy and media from Ecole des hautes études en relations internationals (HEIP Paris).

Ananta Narayan Nanda, Secretary (Posts) to the Government of India

Ananta Narayan Nanda is the current Secretary and Chairman Postal Services Board, Department of Posts, Ministry of Communications, Government of India. He has been holding this post since 1st May 2017. He is also the ex-officio chairman of India Post Payments Bank (IPPB). Earlier to his appointment as Secretary, he worked as the Member of the Postal Services Board, supervising the Postal Banking sector.

Under his guidance and leadership, India Post Payments Bank was launched for the citizens in January 2017. In addition, he supervised the phased launch of the Core System Integrator (CSI) Project, which aims at providing end-to-end security solutions through an Enterprise Management System (EMS). The concept of Postman Mobile Application, which aims to digitize the work of delivery through postman, has also been adopted by his Department.

Benjamin Niyokindi, Director General, Burundi Post

Mr Benjamin Niyokindi has been the Director General of Burundi Post since 2015. Under his leadership, Burundi Post has made substantial progress in various postal segments.

Burundi Post signed a Tripartite Agreement with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the UPU to launch an integrated project, which will utilize different components of the postal sector in Burundi to achieve lasting socioeconomic development for the rural population as well as for the Burundian diaspora. The project will improve access to communication services, reduce remittance costs, promote financial education for migrants and their families, and provide access to financial services for rural populations as well as access to international markets for small producers.

He has held various positions within different government sectors, including Director of Planning and Management of Tourism Sites, Director of Heritage for the coffee industry, Director of Maritime Port Operations.

Mr Niyokindi completed his Diploma in Maritime Engineering, Navigation and Transport at the Académie national maritime in Ukraine.

Nikolay Podguzov, CEO, Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Post"

Nikolay Podguzov was appointed to the position of CEO of Russian Post in July 2017. Before moving to the postal industry, Mr. Podguzov worked as the Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

Earlier, Mr. Podguzov held other positions in various state institutions, including the Ministry of Finance and the Government of the Russian Federation.

Mr. Podguzov has extensive experience in the nancial sector, having worked as Vice President of Trust Investment Bank and Renaissance Capital. He has also worked for VTB Capital as Head of Fixed Income Strategy.

Mr. Podguzov holds degrees from Saint Petersburg Institute of Technology and Moscow State Institute of International Relations.  

Joona Saluveer, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Omniva

Mr Joona Saluveer has held the position of CEO of Omniva (Estonian Post AS) since April 2017. Prior to managing the whole Omniva group, he sat on the Board of Members of Omniva Latvia (2012-2017) and Omniva Lithuania (2011-2013). He is very much customer and growth-oriented – Omniva Latvia has grown twofold year-on-year since the very beginning and was twice nominated to WPPA (World Post and Parcel Awards, previously World Mail Awards) for its growth and great customer service.

Mr Saluveer has done business in all Baltic countries. Before joining Omniva, he managed different Estonian companies operating in Lithuania. He holds an Executive MBA from University of Tartu and BSc from Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

Irena Vojackova-Sollorano, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative to the Republic of Turkey

Ms. Irena Vojackova-Sollorano was appointed as the UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative to the Republic of Turkey in December 2016. Previously, she was the UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative to the Republic of Serbia. In this capacity, she led the UN country team’s response to the historic floods in 2014 and to the refugee/migrant crisis in 2015-16.

Prior to this appointment, she has worked in different capacities for the International Organization for Migration (IOM) over the course of 28 years, including as Director of the Department for Migration Management in IOM Headquarters, and Regional Director in Asia and Central Europe. She has gained global migration expertise in migration and development, labour migration, refugee resettlement, border management, smuggling, integration, trafficking, and emergency response.

Rubina Tayyab, Director General, Pakistan Post

Rubina Tayyab has the honour of being the first female Director General of Pakistan Post. She was appointed Director General of the Pakistan Post in November 2016. Before taking over as Director General, she worked as the Postmaster General Punjab, Pakistan’s largest province. She has also worked as Additional Director General (Operations).

Ms. Tayyab is a civil servant and has worked in various staff, command and instructional positions. She has remained a member of faculty of the National School of Public Policy, the premier training institute for the senior civil servants of Pakistan and friendly countries. She has represented Pakistan at various international fora and is an Elected Member of the Management Committee of the International Mail Services User Group (IMSUG).

She chairs the Postal Services Management Board, the highest decision-making body of the Pakistan Post. 

Adil Zembat, Deputy Director General, Turkish Post

Mr Adil Zembat has been a Deputy Director General of the Turkish Post since 2015.

Before joining the Post, Mr. Zembat worked as Counsellor to the Turkish Ministry of Health. He has a total of 40 years of professional experience, both in the private and public sectors. He is an adept leader and communicator with experience in corporate organization and planning.

Mr Zembat has received several awards, including the “World Industry Champion” award from Contact Center World and “Bureaucrat of the Year”.

He has an educational background in business administration, marketing and manage- ment and has studied in Turkey, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States. Mr Zembat holds an MBA from the Turkish Aeronautical Association University.