Faleh Al Naemi, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, Qatar Post

“I am very happy to be with my colleagues in Istanbul to attend the CEO Forum. It is a very good opportunity to meet and understand the perspectives of all the CEOs around the world. Unfortunately I could not make it last year due to other commitments, but I’ll make sure to attend the upcoming events.”

Amin Benjelloun Touimi, Director General, Poste Maroc

“The UPU CEO Forum is becoming a key annual event for postal chief executives around the world. It allows us to better understand everyone’s expectations, and to discuss industry trends and strategies. It also provides a space to exchange ideas regarding sector developments and to share our experiences.

The 2018 edition, on the theme "Postal digital dividends: A new portfolio, better performance or a redefined mission?", stimulated discussion on the role of Posts in national economies. 

It also provided an opportunity to highlight economic practices and models that postal entities could adopt to improve their performance, at a time when Posts need to evolve in response to globalization and technological advances.

The UPU CEO Forum is becoming an eagerly anticipated event for all top managers wanting to share ideas and solutions for efficient and lasting developments in the postal sector.  

I would like to thank the UPU for this excellent – and I hope continuing – initiative.”

Nabi Issa Coulibaly, Director General, SONAPOST

"The UPU CEO Forum is the only event in the world that brings together CEOs of Posts from every continent. This is an opportunity not only to make mutual discoveries, especially for new CEOs, but also to engage in exchanges that highlight changes and innovation within the postal sector. It is an event that inspires progress and the desire to forge ahead. I could not be more pleased with my experience participating in the 2017 and 2018 forums. I encourage all CEOs to attend the meeting in 2019."

Ivan Culo, CEO, Croatian Post

“This forum is where experience meets new ideas. Every meeting with a colleague from another country can bring a fresh perspective in dealing with business challenges. Professional relationships built here are a great platform for future cooperation.” 

Abdelkarim Dahmani, Director General, Algeria Post

“The World CEO Forum is the perfect place for exchange between postal operators around the world. It is also an opportunity to discuss postal operator experiences, strategies and visions among peers. This is the second time Algeria Post is participating in this event, which we believe is important for many reasons. It gives us the chance to see what new opportunities are being offered to postal operators to develop and improve quality of service, and get an idea of the challenges postal operators may have to face in the coming years. The forum is a valuable space for us, and we believe it will always be important to maintain this place of exchange between the heads of Posts around the world.” 

Khaled Lahham, Director General, Jordan Post Company

“What motivated me to participate in such a valuable event first of all was the great idea of gathering all the CEOs of the postal service providers worldwide in one meeting. The second was the agenda. Every time we have found that it is very rich, dealing with our problems and dealing with the obstacles that we are facing every day in our business. The third is the networking and the chance at building relationships with other colleagues around the world.”

Enrique Prado López de Romaña, Chairman of the Board, Serpost

“It is my first time at the CEO Forum. it was a chance for me to participate and get to know people from other countries and share experiences to find out how they overcame the situation in which they were a few years ago, which is similar to what we’re experiencing now.”