Keep me safe to get me there faster

Posts want to process and deliver international mail and packages securely and on time.  

And Customers can rely on Posts’ affordable and reliable service to deliver their packages – but they need to help them, too.

Posts can deliver all sorts of things. But there are dangerous goods and prohibited items that simply cannot travel through the international postal network.

Dangerous goods can cause harm to people, including customers or postal, customs and airline staff, and cause material damages. Prohibited items also include dangerous goods, but also valuables, obscene materials, counterfeit materials or other items that some countries simply don’t accept on their territory.

As always, customers must check the rules before sending a package or a parcel. Not only will keeping the content safe prevent harm or danger to people, but safe mail will be processed more efficiently and delivered more quickly.

Check before sending!

This is particularly important as packets and parcels traffic continues to increase, and global authorities urge Posts, airlines and customs officials to better screen what they process and transport.

Posts processed 6.7 billion parcels in 2013 alone. Traffic of international packages went up to 67 million items, growing by 5.8 per cent over the previous year.

Help Posts deliver your packages efficiently and safely, and check the content of your parcel or package before sending it.



Do you know what's safe to send through the international mail system?

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